Welcome new Klicka Lab members! These volunteers will be learning molecular lab techniques centered around Sanger and next-gen sequencing. All three are also working in the Burke Museum’s Ornithology Collections.

  • Sara Wang. Sara is a senior here at the UW pursuing a double degree in Biology and Environmental Science and Resource Management. She is broadly interested in avian phylogeny and behavior and wildlife rehabilitation.
  • Michael Chung. Michael is a 2012 graduate of Michigan State University, where he majored in Zoology. His research interests are in ecology, evolution, and animal behavior.
  • Kevin Epperly. Kevin graduated from the UW in 2007, with a major in Anthropology. He has worked in the ornithology collection at the Burke Museum for seven years. Kevin’s research interests include phylogenetics, phylogeography, behavioral ecology, population mechanics, and emergent systems.