Ethan Linck’s Current Projects

Current Projects

– Dissertation work: I’m beginning dissertation work exploring the role of divergent natural selection along an elevational gradient in the speciation a genus of tropical montane kingfishers. I’ll explore patterns of genomic and morphological variation in Syma torotoro and S. megarhyncha across New Guinea, using vouchered museum specimens and DNA from toepads fresh tissues.

Regulus: I’m using ddRADseq to investigate the population genomics and phylogeography of Ruby-crowned and Golden-crowned Kinglets across North America.

Atlapetes: As part of McCormack, Bryson, and Klicka’s NSF-funded research on the comparative phylogeography of the Mexican highlands, I’m investigating phylogeographic structure in Atlapetes pileatus, the Rufous-capped Brush Finch, using ultraconserved element sequence data.


Outreach News

– I write a weekly science news summary for Seattle newspaper The Stranger (
– I’m a contributor at the evolutionary biology / population genetics news site The Molecular Ecologist (